Finding and compiling cheesy YouTube snippets into one video

I was looking for a fun project to do involving youtube-dl, and had an idea. Could I make a tool that extracts video snippets wherever a certain word is spoken, and assembles the snippets into a single video?

The reason my thoughts went there is that I often watch YouTube videos Lilia, and she says cheese / cheesy a lot. For example, she refers to donations as “cheesy bits”, so she might say “thank you for the cheesy bits”, and when someone subscribes she goes “welcome to the cheesy hoard”. And sometimes she just likes to discuss cheese (as we all do).

So basically, I wanted to make a video of Lilia saying cheese / cheesy a bunch of times. (Yes, you are correct, I DO have a rather refined sense of humor.) I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Sure, it’s quirky at times, but personally I find that extra funny.

Here’s the video. I added the last snippet manually, and I also removed all snippets that were “too long” because they included a lot of silence. Everything else was created automatically by the tool.