Lilia Quotes Compilation Video Part 3 with Twitch Videos “Failed”

I was about to give up finding more video quotes when I stumbled upon the Twitch Chat Downloader. It allows for downloading chat messages from past Twitch broadcasts. Pretty cool, and it opened up new possibilities.

During a livestream, a quote’s added by writing a special message in the chat, e.g. !quote add QUOTE. The resident chat bot typically responds with something like “Thanks for the quote”. If I could find these messages I could potentially find more quotes.

I used the Twitch Chat Downloader to download all chat messages from Lilia’s past broadcasts. The messages were plain text and easy to search. Thankfully, they included timestamps, so when I found the messages I also knew when they were posted. I could then play the video from about a minute or two earlier and eventually I would find the place where Lilia said the quote.

However, I discovered youtube-dl couldn’t download Twitch snippets to millisecond precision. This meant I had to download more of the video than I wanted, and then manually trim the edges.

I didn’t find that many new quotes though, so I decided to go through the list of quotes again, and try to locate them manually. This. Took. Time.

All in all I found and downloaded 51 new video quote snippets, some from Twitch and some from YouTube.

The problems started when I tried to join the snippets into a single video. No matter what I tried, the Twitch snippets were either missing from the video, or seemed to cause the playback to stutter.

I did manage to produce one video that’s not entirely terrible, but it’s still pretty bad so I’ll probably keep it unlisted.

This post is part of the Lilia Quotes project.