Hello there, I’m a Swede living in Stockholm where I work as a software developer. He/Him. 43. You can find me on Mastodon @tom10 and these platforms:

    "Congratulations (?), it's a developer"

    Coding’s been a big part of my life ever since I got my hands on the mighty IBM XT 286. It had a whopping 640 KB of RAM, how about that? The first bit of coding I did was to put together a menu system to help my dad find and start his chess programs. I wrote it in either BASIC or Turbo Pascal, can’t remember.

    In high school I encountered my next language, Visual Basic, and built a calculator and a Celcius/Fahrenheit converter.

    In my daily work today I mostly use Dyalog APL, with the occasional sprinkle of .NET and PowerShell.

    When I’m not working I like to try out new languages and dev-tools. I’m currently building a kind of auction web site using SvelteKit, TailwindCSS and PostgreSQL. And I’m using Hugo for this web site. On the side I’m trying to get back into Clojure and ClojureScript, and learn more about Emacs Lisp.

    Languages to know me by
    • Dyalog APL
    • JavaScript
    • Clojure and ClojureScript
    • Bash
    • Emacs Lsip
    • PowerShell
    • Python
    • Scheme
    • Pascal / Delphi

    Also Swedish, English and a tiny amount of German. 🙂

    Board games to know me by
    • Talisman
    • Blood Bowl
    • Nemesis
    • Eldritch Horror
    • Eldritch Sign
    • Munchkin
    • Race for the Galaxy

    Also, I used to play a lot of chess when I was younger.

    Video games to know me by
    • Street Fighter II
    • Myst
    • Baldur’s Gate II
    • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
    • Skyrim
    • Fallout 2 + 4
    • Portal 2
    • The Last of Us. I enjoyed the first one immensely but did not care for part two.
    • Stardew Valley

    I’m one of those people who enjoy watching and listening to other people playing video games, especially while I’m coding. For example The Long Dark, Rimworld, Oxygen not Included, Until Dawn, and many more.

    Reading material to know me by
    • The Order of the Stick, by Rich Burlew. I’ve been reading this web comic since 2008, and have also bought several physical books.
    • How to Solve it, by G. Polya.
    • The Pragmatic Programmer, by A. Hunt, D. Thomas.
    • The Lurking Fear, by HP Lovecraft.
    • Mastering Emacs, by Mickey Petersen.
    Podcasts to know me by

    In English:

    • Security Now
    • This Week in Tech
    • TED Talks Daily
    • Video Game History Hour
    • Sweden Rolls
    • The Cane and Rinse videogame podcast

    In Swedish:

    • Kvalitetsaktiepodden
    • Kodsnack
    • DataTjej Podcast
    • Frilurarnas Rollspelspodcast